Friday, February 24, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day Fourteen

Project: Thrummed Mitts
Progress: Done baby! Gimme the GOLD!
To Go: None! Nada! Zilch! I'm done!
Activities other than knitting done on day: Knitted on Sesame incessently, searched for needles to do the shrug, couldn't find them. Went out to dinner at Taco Bell ( Had a Chicken Crunch Wrap and Fries Supreme...Fat City but I'm almost over my cold, so it was a reward for my wellness. I realize the irony in that one). Rented Lady and the Tramp (but forgot our VCR's busted) and Transporter 2- good movie!
Total hours of knitting: two at the most. I spend more time fiddling with those damn fleeces.
Photo: Gotta have proof, so here it is:
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Ta Da! Two mittens, both alike in dignity.
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The Right
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The Left
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A close up of the cute little fleece v's.
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Mahoot quite likes them!
Medals Won By Canada: 5 Gold, 8 Silver, 6 Bronze. Slowly, but surely, we're getting some medals.
Other knitting I did: Finished Sesame's back!
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It's the biggest part of the cardigan, so the rest should be a breeze, right? right? I'm actually dreading the collar. And the buttonhole band. Both make my head spin!
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Mahoot approves of Sesame too!


Amanda said...

Hey, I'm Amanda, I saw your comment on 20sknitters at Livejournal. I love the mittens! Also I have a question about the shrug, that you have posted a few days ago. Hey I have a question about the sister's making it and she's almost done. She has a big rectangle and it's almost done. To finish it do you just sort of sew the opposite corners to each other? (like the underarm?) That's how we're interpreting the pattern, but we're not would be awesome! Thanks.

Ea Blaze said...

Yes, that's how you put it together. You just sew the seed stitch part together to make "sleeves".