Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day Eight

Project: Thrummed Mitts
Progress: 1 complete mitten, a few rounds of the cuff on the second
To Go: 1 whole mitten less a few rounds of cuff. I'm not a total slacker though. I just had a lot of other stuff going on. This week was the week before "Spring Break" (Reading Week as my profs call it), so I had papers, assignments and tests to do. Yay school!
Activities other than knitting done on day: Met with my Creative Procees profeesor to discuss my creative project (a short story ah-thank you), visited my yarn dealer seller and got some yarn for my secret pal (shh!), a ball of Katrina for my silky tie wrap, and a ball for a project that I *ahem* haven't disclosed yet. Then started said project while watching episodes of Life As We Know It (It's good, Kelly Osbourne is surprisingly great...I love teenage dramas. But NOT the OC...bleeeeechhhhh!)
Total hours of knitting: hmm, maybe 15 minutes? My heart just wasn't in it.
Photo: None for the mittens,, I did get around to finishing that shrug I mentioned...
Image hosting by Photobucket
and a matching purse....
Image hosting by Photobucket
and then I started this sweater (In Old Rose, Dark Natural Mix, Maize and Chesnut Brown in Patons Classic Wool, of course)....
Image hosting by Photobucket
Ok, so I'm an Olympic Slacker. Shame on me.
Medals Won By Canada: 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 5 Bronze. That's like, 3rd place in the standings!
Woman's Hockey: Canada 6, Finland 0. Oh, and Canada 8, Sweden 1. Yeah, it's 38 goals for and 1 against. I <3 you women's team.

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