Thursday, February 23, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day Thirteen

Project: Thrummed Mitts
Progress: 1 complete mitten, ALL of the body on the second.
To Go: The thumb! Also, fluffing the fleece. Shouldn't be more than 2 hours.
Activities other than knitting done on day: Again, vegging on the couch with a cold.
Total hours of knitting: two maybe? I knit while watching the Men's Hockey Team get trounced by Russia 2 to 0. So Canada's out of the finals. The women just made it look so easy.
Photo: Too sick. Nuff said.
Medals Won By Canada: 5 Gold, 8 Silver, 5 Bronze. The female speed skaters kick ass!
Other knitting I did: Working digilently on Sesame. I'll soon be done the armhole shaping and on to the neck and shoulder shaping. But I need to start that damn shrug!

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