Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting Olympics away!

Well, the olympics are starting in a few hours, and I'm all ready to start my thrummed mittens. I'm using this pattern, with some hints for Yarn Harlot's site to keep me going, and Patons Classic Wool in Too Teal, and Patons Up Country in Soft Cream for the fleece. It'll take some fluffing up after I'm done, but it should be just as cozy as good old roving :) It's also been discontinued, so good luck finding it!
I've swatched the thing, flat though, so the thrums weren't turning out the best. But, once I get it started in the round, it should go more smoothly.
Once I figure out how to set up my webcam on my new computer (the software that came with it seems to have disappeared), I'll take some progress photos of my mittens, as well as this shrug which I'm making with S.R.Kertzer's Mozart in Purple Haze. It's so beautiful, the yarn knits up to look like a bunch of lilacs or violets when knit in seed stitch. I have 3 or four balls of it, and the shrug will probably take 1 and 1/2, so I'm thinking of making this little purse with it. Possibly with two strands held together. I picked up the binder rings and tubing last night, so once I'm done my Olympic knitting, this thing's getting done!
Happy Knitting everyone, and good luck with your respective olympic challenges!

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