Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day Twelve

Project: Thrummed Mitts
Progress: 1 complete mitten, start of the 3rd fleece repeat (5 rows of thrumming) on the second. I'm now past the thumb, it's on a stitch holder.
To Go: 2 or 3 more fleece repeats, or 4 in. left of the mitten body. Then the thumb, and then fluffing the fleece!
Activities other than knitting done on day: I am struck down with a horrid cold, so I've been knitting on the couch, watching tv and having naps, eating a bit. Nothing fun, really.
Total hours of knitting: an hour or two of the actual knitting, a half hour of making thrums. And I've knit like mad on my Sesame cardigan. I'm at the armhole decreases already. I have another shrug to knit up...haven't started. Must finish this mitten!
Photo: None, again. I'm too sick to bother.
Medals Won By Canada: 5 Gold, 7 Silver, 5 Bronze. I think that's the count that was predicted by "olympic experts" that we would win. Hopefully there's still more to come!
Woman's Hockey: WE WON GOLD!!!!!!!!!!! We beat Sweden 4 to 1 in the gold medal match! yay! That brings goals for to like, 44, and against, 2! The men's team don't get it so easy. Right now, they're in 3rd placing. I hope the get gold, but hey, who knows?

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