Saturday, April 29, 2006

I can't believe I never posted this sooner!

Yarn:Patons Kroy Socks (75% wool, 25% nylon) 203 yd/ 187m in White Cap
Koolaid: Pink- 2 pkgs Strawberry Kiwi
Blue- 2 pkgs Ice Blue Raspberry
Purple- 2 pkgs Grape
Method: Found Here.
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This ball took hours to wind by hand, because my skein tangled really badly in my attempts!
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The colours are fairly close, but this is a webcam, so it's not perfect.
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Here's a bit of it knit up. the stripes are nice and sharp, about 3-4 rows each, which will make some awesome socks.
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I dubb this colourway "Care Bear Stare" due to the hues reminding me of Hugs, Tugs and Gran. I will post the finished socks someday!
Tomorrow, I'm going to try dying some more Classic Wool with lime, tropical punch, ice blue raspberry and changing cherry....we shall see! Self-striping yarn is addictive!
And now for the cuteness factor of my blog: Mahoot not wanting to be held (which is always). But see how wonderfully he matches my hair? And his eyes are just a goregeous bronzey gold. Oh to have pretty eyes like my kitty! They just now inspired me to find just the right yarn to match his eyes....for what, I don't know. I loved the cloche missamerika made with moonlight mohair (scroll down to see a close up of the yarn), so I might check out that gold color.
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