Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Listening to Charlie A'Court, putting me in a mellow mood. He spoke to my Creative Process class Thursday, and played us a couple of tunes before giving away some of his CDs. That man can sure belt it out. He's got that gutsy hard voice that you know's from the heart. The edges of his voice are softened on his CD, but I love how he sounds live. He kicks ass.
On to the knitting...
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I give you, the pocket! (WHY OH WHY DON'T I HAVE A DIGI CAM YET???) I was so nervous about picking up the stitches, but once it was done, it looked wonderfully seamless. the bottom edge flips up, but hopefully that'll fix itself when I block it.
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I ran out of Patons Classic in Peacock (the yarn I'm using for Under the hoodie), so I've started another project. This one's called "Silky Tie Wrap" from Creative Knitting's January issue. I'm enamoured with the simple construction- no seams! It's made with Patons Katrina in Lagoon, not the Regal Silk the pattern suggests! I think it looks very close to the photo in CK, so I'm happy! I'm thinking of making this for my mother, maybe in Patons Glittalic or Brilliant, especially in marvelous mocha. Being a redhead like me, I think she'd love the bronzeish brown colour. I want to finish it before she takes her Alaskan cruise this summer, it would look so nice! Anyway, I made it through the first side panel, and I'm about to start the first tie. It's looking great so far!


MissAmErika said...

Yes, I am on here too!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!! I just wanted to say how much I absolutely adore Katrina. Such a delicious yarn, but for me, quite hard to find anymore! It makes me sad.

Ea Blaze said...

We have plenty of Katrina up here in Canada, Land of Patons. I just knida wish I had more access to Lion Brand, I've been looking at their site and some of the colorways are just amazing.

Charlie A'Court said...

Hi There,
My name is Charlie A'Court and I saw your blog. I would like to say thanks for the nice words and I had such a fun time speaking with your class. I think the Creative Process course is a fine addition to Dalhousie! Sorry my comments couldn't be more related to the topic at hand. Cheers!