Sunday, July 03, 2005

Opal sock- a beaut!

"fdIeeer"- Carlos, stepping on the keyboard.
I finished Sock # 1 with my Opal sock yarn. It looks gorgeous, but it's so floppy! How do I fix this with blocking?I kneed a sock form, I think.... Carlos seems to like the sock, and so do I, despite its elepahantitus.
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Karlie said...

Cute socks! The yarn for my VK tank is Patons Katrina in "Lagoon". Isn't it nice?

Ea Blaze said...

Ooooh...that's the color Crystal (my yarn dealer...I mean supplier) was talking about. I MUST get it now. It's very close to Patons Astra in "Ultra Blue", my fave yarn. But it's discontinued ;(